Choosing the Right Compost

Compost truck getting loaded

Every landscaper would love to give their clients the lushest grass and brightest plants possible, but poor soil quality often makes this a challenge. While fertilizer is one popular solution, compost typically results in longer-lasting soil health and stronger, more beautiful plants. To ensure you get the best blend for your client, consider the following.

Benefits of Compost

Unlike fertilizer, compost provides nutrients in solid organic matter, gradually bolstering the health of the entire ecosystem. In addition to supporting plants, the right compost also supports earthworms, microbes, and all the other organisms plants need to thrive. As a result, when used properly, compost material generates much healthier lawns and plants than standalone fertilizers.

How to Choose the Right Blend

Acidic Soil

Azaleas, rhododendrons, and many other plants need a slightly acidic environment, and may wilt in soil other plants love. If your client's acid-loving plants are struggling, start by testing the soil pH. If it’s too alkaline, add an ericaceous compost mixture, which gives the soil a boost of iron and acid.


If you’re planting seedlings, choosing the right compost will increase their chances of taking root and thriving. Lighter compost lets the seedling push through as it grows, while delivering the right nutrients for healthy growth. It should also have a high loam content, which helps the compost continuously reabsorb water.


Flowering plants in boxes or planters need loam-rich compost, which anchors the roots and keeps them from getting waterlogged. Compost for plants is also more nutrient-dense, creating the ideal soil conditions for beautiful, luxurious blossoms.


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