WeCare Denali Sponsors Educational Webinar About Soluble Salts

There have always been concerns about specific types of compost due to their high electrical conductivity (EC, ie. soluble salts) measurements. Unfortunately, the compost industry has disregarded the use of finished compost because of high electrical conductivity (EC, ie. soluble salts) measurements.

Past research has relied on plant health being attributed to levels of salt concentration. Salt has the ability to cause mild chlorosis of the foliage, later progressing to necrosis of leaf tips and margins. Fertilizer salts are translocated into the plant, causing toxic results.

However, extensive research has been conducted to negate this way of looking at plant health and supporting the nutrients found in finished compost.


Research Indicates Soluble Salt Measurements Include Key Nutrients

The University of Wisconsin has found that soluble salt (EC) is a total number assigned to an entire category of charged elements found in compost, including parts of the NPK, micro and macronutrients essential to plant growth.

Naturally, the University of Wisconsin paired up with the US Composting Council to provide an educational webinar highlighting these important findings.

WeCare Denali is proud to sponsor this webinar and to support the US Composting Council, which advances compost manufacturing, compost utilization, and organics recycling to benefit society and the environment.

The Council believes “compost manufacturing and compost utilization are central to creating healthy soils, clean air and water, a stable climate, and a sustainable society.”


‘Soluble Salts: Are they good or bad?’ on Dec. 9

From 2-3 p.m. EST (11 a.m. to noon PST) on Dec. 9, a virtual soluble salt literature review, “Soluble Salts: Are they good or bad?” will take place with the University of Wisconsin research team, hosted by the US Composting Council.

They will share their scientific research regarding the salt content of finished compost causing a high EC. Their goal is to identify specific salts and share their research through peer reviews and publication.

Certification CEU Credits are available for attendees. A minimum of one credit will be awarded for participants, with up to 1.5 CEU's possible depending on the quality of the discussion.

The price of this webinar is $19.00 for USCC members and $29.00 for non-members. Register by December 8th. For more information, contact Wayne Howard at waynehoward@compostfoundation.org.

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