WeCare Denali Newly Certified Compost Operators

Congratulations to our new Certified Compost Operations Managers


Introducing the professional certification programs developed by the U.S. Composting Council® Certification Commission The Certified Compost Operations Manager™, or CCOM™, was the first in a series of compost manufacturing industry certifications designed to recognize the accomplishments and competencies of composting professionals.

The Certification Commission developed this certification to fulfill these promises:

  • Be globally recognized across the industry.
  • Enable composting professionals to demonstrate they have met specified criteria and achieved a level of understanding of and familiarity with compost manufacturing standard practices.
  • Support organizations in establishing best management practices through improved business and environmental outcomes, as well as an improved career development path for compost professionals.


Advance composting and facility operations management as a profession by clarifying the distinctive nature and value of the compost operations manager role.


Jason Browne is the Facility Manager for WeCare Denali, LLC at the City of Phoenix Compost Facility. WeCare Denali has been operating the City of Phoenix’s state-of-the-art composting operation since it was constructed in 2016.  The Facility is designed to process 36,000+ tons/yr of yard trimmings and food waste through a turned aerated (positive & negative) pile technology. Mr. Browne manages all aspects of the operation and is also responsible for all sales of the finished product. He has been a solid waste professional for the better part of a decade where he has been involved with all aspects of the business, including collections, processing, and distribution. 

Mr. Browne commented, “I am excited to be leading our WeCare Denali Composting Team in Phoenix. The City of Phoenix has been a great partner and both the City and WeCare Denali are committed to growing composting in the desert. I plan to use my CCOM® experience to help improve operations, as well as, train others in how to compost properly and manufacture products that have a very high value (especially in the desert).”


Matt Mozingo is the Operations Manager for WeCare Denali, LLC at the NuTerra Organics Compost Facility in Fellsmere, Florida. Mr. Mozingo started as the Operations Manager of the large scale in-vessel aerated static pile (ASP) biosolids composting facility in 2018, shortly after the facility began operations.

As more areas within Florida continue to shift away from Class B land application of biosolids, WeCare Denali is in a prime position to manufacture a beneficial reuse product for growers around the state. 

Mr. Mozingo notes, “I pursued the CCOM certification to support our company with licensed personnel who take pride in the quality service WeCare Denali can provide to their municipal and commercial clients, while also being the best neighbor we can be in the communities where we operate.”

About the author

Mr. Cerrato currently serves as the Vice President of Product Marketing for WeCare Denali where he oversees all of the company’s Product Sales and Marketing related activities and staff, and manages a large portfolio of customers. Mr. Cerrato started with Denali as a Director and was responsible for the development and execution of marketing plans, sales plans, and overall business development related activities as it pertains to WeCare branded products, including WeCare Compost, WeCare Roofmix, and WeCare Engineered Soils.