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Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA)

e Denali, LLC is a Member of the Compost Manufacturing Alliance:

Composters Working with Composters to Connect the Supply Chain to the Compost Pile





Field Disintegration Testing, Substrate Review and Product Development Support

As cities, businesses and residents strive for zero waste, the use of compostable food service ware is increasing. We Care Denali and members of the Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA) work to support these programs while maintaining a high standard of compost quality across 13 composting facilities throughout the U.S. To accomplish higher food waste diversion and minimize contamination in urban feed stocks, CMA and its affiliated partners provide a program of technical review and field disintegration testing of compostable products to determine their feasibility as food related feed stock when shipped to fully permitted industrial composting facilities.

Items submitted for CMA field testing include bags, utensils, plates, bowls, clamshells, wraps and more. As new products are developed to meet growing market demands, CMA provides the expertise to determine how well the products will break down in modern, large scale compost manufacturing technologies. Prior to testing, items must be BPI certified, or shown to have met respective ASTM D6400 or D6868 standards.




Instructions for field testing submissions, costs and other documentation requirements are found on this page of CMA’s website. For questions, contact 

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