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Bulk Compost near Hudson Valley, NY


WeCare Compost, WeCare Compost Fine, WeCare Compost Coarse, and WeCare Compost PLUS

WeCare Denali proudly produces compost products nationally that are manufactured in strict accordance with all state and federal guidelines. We are a top participant in the US Compost Council Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) Program and invest in extensive testing on a regular basis.  Our wholesale compost products are comprised of multiple feedstocks including green waste, biosolids, food waste and more, depending on the facility. We have the expertise to manufacture the highest quality bulk organic compost and the experience to support its end use.


Compost has many uses including:

  • topdressing;
  • soil amendment;
  • nursery potting mixture;
  • synthetic fertilizer alternative;
  • erosion and sediment control; and
  • existing soil improvement.




Bulk WeCare Compost PLUS at a new home site in Pennsylvania

Topdressing with WeCare Compost PLUS in New Jersey

WeCare Compost can be used as a landscape mulch and the plants thrive with the burst of nutrients.

Why use Compost?

  • supplies a significant quantity of organic matter;
  • improves soil structure, porosity, density, and creates a better plant root environment;
  • increases infiltration and permeability of heavy soils, reducing erosion and runoff;
  • improves water holding capacity, reducing water loss and leaching in sandy soils;
  • supplies a variety of slow-release macro and micronutrients;
  • may control or suppress certain soil-borne plant pathogens;
  • improves cation exchange capacity (CEC), improving ability to retain nutrients;
  • supplies beneficial microorganisms to soils;
  • improves and stabilizes soil pH; and
  • can bind and degrade specific pollutants.




Amended Soils using WeCare Bulk Compost PLUS in Pennsylvania

WeCare Compost PLUS supplied in bulk to amend soils before sod installation.

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