3 Steps to Take Before Planting Grass

Planting a lawn from seed requires preparation. For the best results, you'll need quality grass seed that's suited for your client's growing conditions, in addition to a well-prepared soil mix. Before laying the seeds this spring, follow these tips to ensure success.

How to Prepare Soil for Grass Seed

1. Remove Weeds & Stones

Grass seeds need ample room to set healthy roots and ensure vigorous growth. If they're competing with surrounding plants for space, water, or nutrients, it can cause weak growth or inhibit germination completely.

Before laying the seed, clear the area by removing weeds or poor-condition grasses. Also, remove any stones that won't fit through the tines of a garden rake.

2. Level the Surface

soil mix

Uneven surfaces promote erosion, which can cause the grass seeds to wash away before they've set roots or concentrate in certain areas, resulting in bare patches. Prevent this by leveling the ground with a large rake or an earthmover.

If needed, use a tiller to break up compact earth, then use a tamper, a lawn roller, or your feet to pack the soil lightly. This will ensure there are no large air pockets beneath the ground, preventing low spots and an uneven lawn.

3. Add Amendments

If needed, perform a soil test to find out what nutrients the earth may need. Most grass types prefer neutral soil with a pH between 6.0 and 7.0. Adding amendments, such as compost to your soil mix can help balance its pH level and boost nutrients.

Once you determine what your client's soil is lacking, distribute amendments with a broadcast spreader to ensure even coverage.


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