3 Signs Your Soil Mix Is Unhealthy

How Can You Tell When Soil Is Unhealthy?

1. Lack of Moisture

Unhealthy soil doesn't have the moisture and nutrients needed to thrive, which makes it dry, crumbling, and cracked. When you pick up the dirt, it might crumble quickly in your hands or be difficult to break apart. Proper watering and irrigation will improve the soil's condition in these instances.

2. Poor Growthsoil mixThe successful growth of grass, plants, and flowers starts with the soil mix. If your customer's greenery isn't growing as you'd expect it to, unhealthy soil might be the culprit. Some signs to look out for include wilted plants and flowers, especially if they've been watered sufficiently and receive the right amount of sun. Also, look for plants, trees, or bushes that don't grow at the proper rate.

3. Compacted Soil

If planting a new bush or tree proves challenging, your soil might be to blame. Heavily compacted soil is difficult to dig into and can be a sign of unhealthy soil. If you struggle to get a shovel through the dirt, the roots you put in will also struggle to find the air and water they need. In these cases, soil aeration can lead to more effective growth.


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