4 Reasons to Create a Green Roof on Your Building

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What Are the Benefits of Green Roofs?

1. Rainwater Buffer

Stormwater runoff can pose a risk for traditional roofing systems, causing water damage, overflowing sewer systems, and flooding. Green roof soil prevents these issues by absorbing rainwater. The plants then release the moisture back into the atmosphere via the natural water cycle.

2. Urban Amenities

green roof soil

Green roofs provide a convenient way for occupants and visitors to access natural space within city limits. Being in nature offers several health benefits, including stress reduction, which will be beneficial for your tenets, staff, and others who stop by. You can also create an urban garden by planting vegetables and herbs that the occupants or community can enjoy.

3. Environmental Efficiency

In addition to housing plants that hold a crucial role in providing clean air, green roofs can also benefit the environment by improving energy efficiency. Green roof soil and plants provide natural insulation, ensuring the cool or warm air coming from your HVAC system stays within the building. Not only will you reduce your carbon footprint, but you can also save on monthly energy bills.

4. Aesthetics

While shingles and tiles can be attractive, they can't compare to the beauty of a lush green roof. Whether you choose a basic groundcover or a diverse array of flora, this structure will provide an aesthetically pleasing, natural oasis.


If you need green roof soil or other planting materials, turn to WeCare. For more than 20 years, this company has proven their dedication to environmental conservation through innovative water management, recycling and waste control solutions, and a line of engineered soils for eco-conscious property owners and gardeners. They can deliver to New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and throughout the country, so anyone can take advantage of their offerings. Call (315) 575-4595 to begin your project today, or visit their website to learn more about their green roof soils and other products.

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